Amarnath Yatra 2024
Global Vectra Amarnath Helicopter Booking Cost:- RS. 3,608/-

Shri Amarnathji Yatra
The acclaimed, yet frequently tricky journey to the Amarnathji Shrine, situated at 13,000 feet, is currently made far simpler and boundlessly speedier by utilization of helicopters from global vectra. We work three helicopters during the Yatra, which is commonly held for around 6 to 7 weeks beginning toward the end June or early July every year. Our activities happen from Sonamarg / Pahalgam to Panchtarni and explorers can visit the Shrine and be back in only one day.

The Most Effective Method to Book Helcopter Global Vectra
Advance tickets can be reserved online just on this site.
According to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Amarnathji Yatra 2024 will be for the period

first July 2024 to fifteenth August 2024.
If it's not too much trouble NOTE: With one credit/charge card, a limit of five travelers can be reserved inside a time of one month. A similar credit/charge card can not be utilized for booking of tickets for the following one month.
The credit/charge card utilized for booking will be checked by us at the hour of the issuance of ticket at Neelgrath. Without this, boarding will be denied and crossing out charges will apply.

global vectra Helicopter Fare Amarnath Yatra
Admission/Return Tickets Only return tickets can be reserved through development booking.
NEELGRATH➝PANJTARNI➝NEELGRATH:- RS. 3,608/ - *Rates are comprehensive of GST

Global vectra helicopter Booking Documents
Each Yatri would be needed to give Compulsory Health Certificate according to Shrine Board's Performa accessible on the hour of boarding the helicopter at Neelgrath
On the off chance that the Yatri neglects to give the Compulsory Health Certificate, global vectra maintains whatever authority is needed to not give Boarding Pass to the Yatri and won't be qualified for any discount of ticket passage
All travelers holding our Online Ticket must deliver the Credit/Debit Card from which the booking was made bombing which the Boarding will be denied.

Do and Don'ts:-
1. Increment your wellness. Start a 4-5 km morning/evening stroll in any event a month preceding the Yatra. This is to improve the oxygen productivity of your body.
2. Take Palkis/Horses as opposed to traveling to stay away from high height disorder.
3. Take brief breaks to recover when tired.
4. Notice any manifestations, for example, outrageous sleepiness, migraine, queasiness, loss of craving or spewing.
5. Saree is certainly not a reasonable dress for the Yatra. Salwar Kameez, gasp shirt or a jogging outfit will be better. Women who are over multi week pregnant will not be permitted to embrace the journey.
6. Keep save garments and eatables in a reasonable water verification pack.
7. Convey some virus cream/Vaseline/sunscreen to ensure your hands/face against burn from the sun and so on.
8. Keep in your pocket your yatra Permit or some other personality card, incase of a crisis.

1. Try not to stop at places which are set apart by notice takes note.
2. Try not to endeavor excessively and escape breath.
3. Try not to disregard any side effects, for example, extraordinary sleepiness, migraine, queasiness, loss of hunger or retching.
4. Try not to utilize shoes on the grounds that there are steep ascents and falls in transit to the Holy Cave. Just wear journeying shoes with bands.
5. Try not to endeavor any alternate ways on the course as doing so would be perilous.
6. Try not to travel alone. Continuously remain all together. Versatile systems don't work at Panchtarni. Incase you are lost or lose any of your gathering individuals; there is a Public Announcement (PA) framework at Panchtarni.

Global Vectra Terms and Conditions:-
1. Travelers to check in any event 1 hour before the takeoff of the trip at Neelgrath/Panchtarni. For Panchtarni to Neelgrath part, travelers will be boarded on a First Come First Basis subject to accessibility of seats.
2. The trip to the Holy Cave and back to Panchtarni takes approx. 5 hours and the Darshan takes 60 minutes. Ordinarily the flights stop after 5 pm, henceforth, all things considered, travelers coming to Panchtarni after 11 am might be not able to return the trip to Neelgrath the very day. Such travelers should set up for a night at Panchtarni at their own expense and they will be gotten from Panchtarni the following day on the early bird gets the worm premise.
3. All travelers will be exposed to security screening preceding boarding the helicopter according to pertinent guidelines. GLOBAL VECTRA claims to itself the authority to decline to convey any individual whom it thinks about unsuitable to travel or who in the assessment of GLOBAL VECTRA may establish a danger to the airplane or to the people ready.
4. On the off chance that at any stage it is discovered that the helicopter is over-burden, GLOBAL VECTRA will reserve the privilege to choose which travelers or article will be offloaded and such choice will be official.
5. By booking the pass to Shri Amarnath ji yatra, you consent to get significant alarms like your booking subtleties and updates through sms on your enrolled/crisis contact number and by means of email on your enlisted email id.
6. GLOBAL VECTRA isn't obligated for any misfortune or harm occasioned by delay in the carriage via demeanor of travelers or things. Receipt without grumbling of enlisted stuff on the end of the excursion will be at first sight proof that the things has been conveyed accurately and in great condition.
7. Carriage of hazardous products/articles isn't allowed. Confined articles incorporate however are not restricted to compacted gases, corrosives, explosives, combustible fluids, solids, radioactive materials, harms, irresistible substances and brief cases with introduced caution gadgets.
8. If there should be an occurrence of health related crisis, GLOBAL VECTRA claims all authority to board the Patient with one chaperon on need.
9. Scratch-off: This movement report gave by GLOBAL VECTRA will be dependent upon the principles of undoing as follows:

#-Time of cancellation                                Cancellation Charges and Refund
A. 0-59 min before the flight of shuttle                              No Refund.
B. 60 mins - 23:59 hrs before the flight of Shuttle               50% Refund, subsequent to deducting Credit/Debit Card Transaction expense as really Charged by the Bank and Administrative Charges @ Rs. 150/ - per One Way Ticket Per traveler
C. 24 hrs - 47:59 hrs before the takeoff of Shuttle             70% discount, in the wake of deducting Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee as really charged by the Bank and Administrative Charges @ Rs.150/ - per One Way Ticket Per travelers.
D. 48 hrs or more before the flight of shuttle      Full discount subsequent to deducting Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee as really charged by the Bank and Administrative Charges @ Rs. 150/ - per One Way Ticket Per traveler.
E. Shuttle dropped by Operator                Full discount.
F. No show by passenger             No Refund

Global vectra Faq:-
Q.1: Can people who are over 75 years or youngsters under 13 years old for Amarnath Yatra?
Ans : No. Because of the high elevation nature of the yatra, senior residents over 75 years old and Children under 13 years old are carefully not permitted to embrace the Amarnathji Yatra.

Q.2: When does the Amarnathji Yatra begin ?
Ans : first July 2024 to fifteenth Aug 2024.
Q.3: When does the reserving for Amarnathji start?
Ans : Bookings initiate on 01st May 2024 at 10:00 am.
Q.4: What are the guidelines for Booking?
Ans : Using one charge/Mastercard you may buy a limit of 5 tickets in a time of 21 days.
Q.5: What reports are required?
Ans : Valid ID and Yatra Registration or Health ceritificate are required for movement.
Q.6: Is a wellbeing endorsement fundamental?
Ans : Yes wellbeing endorsement is fundamental.
Q.7: Which division does Global Vectra HeliCorp work?
Ans : GLOBAL VECTRA will work in the Neelgrath – Panchtarni – Neelgrath division from 2024.
Q.8: Is there some other method to get tickets for Amarnathji
Ans : Apart from Online Advance Booking, tickets are accessible just through current booking at the helipad.
Q.9: Where is the Helipad?
Ans : click here for Helipad area
Q.10: How is the versatile system availability in the district?
Ans : Only postpaid versatile numbers work in Jammu and Kashmir. At Neelgrath, most versatile systems like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio and BSNL work. Be that as it may, information administrations might work. At Panchtarni, just BSNL arrange works and information administrations don't work. On the off chance that you are lost or lose any of your gathering individuals, there is a Public Announcement (PA) framework at Panchtarni.
Q.11: Are Palki, Pony and Porters accessible at Neelgrath?

Ans : Since Panchtarni is a high height area, yatris are encouraged to take Palki, Pony or Porters from Panchtarni to Amarnath Cave to evade high elevation affliction. These offices are accessible outside the helipad at Pantarni. The paces of every one of these administrations are fixed and data about them is shown on different sign sheets across Panchtarni.

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