Amarnath Yatra 2022
Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Online Ticket Booking 2022

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking Senior Citizens Maximum Age 75 Year and Child below 13 Year Age not Allow to Under the Amarnath Yatra 2022

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Price 2022
Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking from Baltal (Neelgrath) to Panchtarni and Return Baltal Same Day Return Back Cost: - 3608/- Per Person.
Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking from Baltal (Neelgrath) to Panchtarni and Return Baltal Next Day Return Back Cost: - 3608/- Per Person.
Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking from Baltal (Neelgrath) to Panchtarni One Way Cost: - 1,804/- Per Person.
Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking from Panchtarni to (Neelgrath) Baltal One Way Cost: - 1,804/- Per Person.

Extra Cost for Travel Agents Commission and Good Service Taxes

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Tour Itinerary:-

Day 01:- Baltal to Amarnath Cave Helicopter.
Early morning pickup your hotel and transfer to baltal helipad morning 6:00 clock neelgrath helipad verify your helicopter ticket and first come first services, passengers take the helicopter and transfer to panchtarni helipad, helipad to amarnath ji cave 6 km distance by walk and horse, and palki on your cost, visit amarnath temple 3 hour darshan and return back, in case weather are good your have return back helipad and back to baltal return maximum timing 5 hours only, Otherwise overnight stay at amarnath cave panchtarni camp booking free of cost overnight stay at panchtarni.

Day 02 Panchtarni to Baltal Neelgrath by Helicopter
Morning breakfast pickup the helicopter from Panchtarni helipad and transfer to the Neelgrath helipad enjoys the ride.

Helicopter advance booking you can book online official website amarnath yatra shrine board.
According to amarnath yatra shrine board shri amarnath yatra 2022 will be open the year 1st July to 20th August 2022
Any information regarding amarnath yatra you can visit the official website amarnath yatra shrine board and contact us. You can follow the amarnath yatra social media pages for any enquiry contact now.

Important Notes:-
Amarnath yatra helicopter official company updates the new rules for book the helicopter tickets you can book the ticket one credit card or debit card maximum five tickets booking with a one month. Same credit card and debit card you not book the ticket, for the yatra time you can visit the helipad on the time flying Neelgrath helipad verify the credit card and debit card, in case you not verify the card details immediately cancel your ticket without any refund and government rules apply.

Required Important Documents:-
Amarnath yatra helicopter booking passengers you have must carry the photo identification like aadhar card, voter card, and pan card, passport, with health certificate or yatra registration at the time check inn.

Bags Weight Limit:-
Amarnath yatra hand bags allow only maximum 5 kg per person.

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking From Baltal To Panchtarni:-
Amarnath yatra helicopter land baltal to panchtarni helipad to amarnath yatra cave is the distance maximum 6 km from helipad same day return passengers timing allow maximum 5-6 hour daily and return back Panchtarni helipad. Panchtarni is very high altitude persons are very strong advise to not trek and use house and palki booking online available  at Panchtarni nearby helipad. Due to safety yatri are to not allow leaving the Panchtarni at after the time on 3:00 PM.
Darshan after same day return back passengers must report the Panchtarni helipad at cut of the 3:00 pm at Panchtarni helipad board counter and verify return helicopter ticket passengers flying services first come first services basis.
All are passengers report the Panchtarni helipad after 3:00 Pm no chance to get the helicopter to Panchtarni same day return back because the backlog of yatris builds up by 3:00 Pm.

Helipad near Accommodation: - Hotels not available at panchtarni, panchtarni deluxe camp services personal beds system cost 500/- per person food and drink are free available at shiv bhandara serving near your camp at panchtarni.

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Flying Safety Guidelines:-

You can follow the helipad ground staff instructions.

  1. Carry your personal items and safe all loose the caps dupatta, exiting the helicopter.

  2. Tail rotor at the rear the helicopter it very danger not do walk rear of the helicopter.

  3. Seat belt compulsory the helicopter.

  4. Doors of the helicopter will be opened by ground staffs do not open yourself.

  5. Please not touch the red lines helicopter use only emergency conditions.

  6. Please switch off the mobile phone during the yatra.

  7. Photography at the helipad not allowed as per the government rules.

  8.  Not Allowed Fire items, knife, matches, lighters, any food liquid, like fruits etc.

  9.  Any emergency and uncomfortable ear after please inform ground staff.

  10. Any alcohol smoking drugs not allowed during the yatra and not permitted to board helicopter.

    Do & Don'ts Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Ride:-

  1. Daily walk 5 km morning and evening at least one month and oxygen improvement of your body.

  2. Trekking avoide high altitude sickness.

  3. Short breakfast to catch your breath.

  4. Sarees is not suitable free for the yatra salwar kameez and pant and shirt t-shirt  for your better yatra, ladies 6 week pregnant not allowed the yatra undertake the pilgrimage.

  5. All are clothes and eatables suitable for water bages.

  6. Cold cream and baseline and sunscreen to protect your face.

  7. Carry your original identity card in case of an emergency.


  1. Please don’t stop at any where are marked by warning notice.

  2. Please don’t expect yourself out of breath.

  3. Please ignore any vomiting and headache, nausea.

  4. Please don’t use slipper use only trekking shoes and laces.

  5. Please don’t attempt the any short cuts.

  6. Please don’t trek alone. Any persons together as a group.

Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Booking Cancellation:-
Cancel The Helicopter Ticket Online Any Time Expect Within 4 Days Of Departure Date At The Time Must Email Your Ticket Id No Passenger Details.

Time of Cancelation Ticket: -Refund Amount

  1. 0-59 Min before report time -No Refund any amount.

  2. 60 Min- 23:59 before hrs report time - 50% refund services charges Rs 150/- Per Passenger.

  3. 24hrs – 47.59 before report time- 70% refund services charges Rs 150/- Per Passenger.

  4. 48hrs before report time- Full refund services charges Rs 150/- Per Passenger.

  5. Cancel due to bad weather- Full refund services charges Rs 150/- Per Passenger.

  6. Cancel due to technical reason- full refund after deducting transfer free bank charges.

No show by passengers – no refund any late entry.

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