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Amarnath yatra 2024 registration date 1st April 2024 start registration online official website shirne board and book the group registration bank punjab national bank and jammu and kashmir bank direct visit the branch and fill up the form and book the your yatra dates according to your plan amarnath yatra 2024 registration fees 200/- Per person. On the spot amarnath yatra registration available jammu and Srinagar and baltal route camp registration book.
Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2024 YATRA PERMIT APPLICATION FORM (Please fill in square letters) FULL NAME: _____________________________________________________ GENDER (Tick as pertinent): Male Female; ; Blood Group:_______ Age*:______ Yrs. (Nobody beneath the age of 13 years, or over the age of 75 years will be enlisted for the Yatra). NAME OF SPOUSE/FATHER:_________________________________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________ STATE: ____________________________________ PIN________________________ E-Mail (if any):____________________________________________________________ CONTACT/PHONE NO MOBILE +91 Telephone with STD Code/Mobile number of the individual to be reached if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis __________________________ To The Chief Executive Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Jammu/Srinagar. ¸ 1. I may please try to remain gave a Permit for setting out on Shri Amarnathji Yatra. I will begin the Yatra from the_________________ _____ [Baltal/Chandanwari**] course on __________/__________ 2024. 2. I confirm that I have been proclaimed truly fit by the Authorized Doctor/Medical Institute to embrace the excursion to the Shri Amarnathji Holy Cave during June - August 2024. The recommended Medical Certificate is connected. 3. I_____________________ , child/little girl/spouse of________________ , assign Shri/Smt. ________________________________ ; age ________ ; relationship: __________ to be paid the Insurance endless supply of the Insurance guarantee if there should arise an occurrence of my passing because of mishap. 4. I gravely embrace to submit to the Dos and Don'ts/different headings gave by the Shrine Board/District Administration. ______________________ Full Signature of Applicant * No one beneath the age of 13 years, or over the age of 75 years, and no woman with over about a month and a half pregnancy will be enrolled for the Yatra. Kindly fill whichever is pertinent. *** A properly enrolled Yatri with a substantial Yatra Permit gave by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, appropriately embraced by the responsible Institution, will be qualified for an Insurance front of Three Lakh Rupees from the Insurance Company in case of her/his demise because of any mishap inside the State of J&K while undertaking the Shri Amarnathji Yatra. The total guaranteed wiill be paid through the Shrine Board after the chosen one of the expired Yatri finishes the due customs. For Office Use Business Unit __________ Branch Bank Yatra Registration Slip No. _________ Date _______ Route _________ __ gave Sir, Applicant's photo which ought to be marked over this photo Seal and Signature of Initials of Official Registration Officer.

Gathering Registration Introduction
In the previous years the Board has been accepting portrayals that an enormous Group of pioneers who have a place with a more distant family or live in the equivalent Mohalla/Village and are envious of heading out together to have Darshan together at Holy Cave Shrine can't do so on the grounds that the Registration amount designated to the closest found Bank Branch is lacking for obliging the interest of a huge Group. Thusly, much of the time, the individuals from such Groups have been constrained to get enlistment for various accessible dates yet showed up at the Base Camps of Baltal/Pahalgam together and confronted challenges as they were halted from undertaking Yatra out on the town not quite the same as what was entered in their Yatra Permit. To encourage all individuals from a huge Group acquiring enrollment for a specific date, the Board has started another plan during Yatra 2014 for "Gathering Registration"

Rules for Group Registration
On the off chance that Yatris planning to embrace the Yatra in a Group of at least 5 individuals can't acquire Yatra Permits from the closest found Bank Branches on the grounds that the assigned number of opening (enrollment standard/spaces) have been depleted, at that point the individual individuals from the Group can together apply by enlisted post to the Chief Executive Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Chaitanya Ashram, Talab Tillo, Jammu (from first April to 24th April 2024) and second Floor, Block-III, Engineering Complex, Raj Bagh, Srinagar190008, (from first May to 31st May 2024) to make sure about enrollment for the Yatra.
1. The Group Registration will start from first April, 2024 and finish up on 31st May 2024.
2. 31st May 2024 will be the latest day of receipt of Application Forms for Group Registration.
3. Gathering Registration will be done on the early bird gets the worm premise, subject to the date-wise and course savvy opening (enlistment portion/spaces) accessible for a specific day/specific course, subject to most extreme 50 enrollments for every gathering every day per course.
4. To apply for the Yatra Permit under Group Registration Facility, the Group Leader (one of the meaning explorer of the gathering) should send the accompanying records in regard of every individual from the Group by enlisted post at the location demonstrated over: a) filled-in endorsed Application Forms; b) unique duplicates of the recommended Compulsory Health Certificates (CHCs) gave by the Authorized Doctor/Medical Institutions (the configurations of the Application Form and CHC and the rundown of Doctors/Institutes approved to give the CHC are accessible at Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board's site: c) four visa estimated photos of every candidate, one of which is to be marked on the front side of the photo. d) Yatra Registration Fee @ Rs 200/ - per Yatri. messaging Address of the Group Leader, alongside versatile number, and email ID. f) Postal Charges according to scale referenced beneath:
5. The sum payable to the Shrine Board (Yatra Registration Fee and Postal Charges) will be sent looking like Bank No. of people in a Group Postal charges 1 to 5 Rs. 50/ - 6 to 10 Rs. 100/ - 11 to 15 Rs. 150/ - 16 to 20 Rs. 200/ - 21 to 25 Rs. 250/ - 26 to 30, etc Rs. 300/ - Draft attracted favor of Chief Accounts Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board.
6. Nobody beneath the age of 13 years or over the age of 75 years and no female with over about a month and a half's pregnancy will be enlisted for the Yatra.
7. On the off chance that opportunities (enrollment share/spaces) are not accessible for a specific date for which Registration has been looked for by the Group, the Group Leader will be reached over phone and educated about the following accessible opening for Group Registration and, if that isn't satisfactory to the Group Leader, the Application Forms, Compulsory Health Certificates (CHCs), and the Registration Fee will be come back to the Group Leader through Registered Post. In the event that the Group Leader consents to look for enlistment for a date for which amount is accessible, a similar will be done and sent to him through enrolled post.
8. For Yatra 2024, CHCs gave simply after fifteenth February, 2024 would be legitimate for enlistment purposes.
9. Yatris will be permitted to leave on her/his Yatra just on the day and course for which she/he has been enrolled.

10. CEO, Shrine Board, will not be liable for any postal deferral.

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