Amarnath Yatra 2023
Pawan Hans Helicopter Booking Amarnath Cost:- 4200/- Per Person

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Pawan Hans Helicopter Amarnath
Dauphin SA365N
This is a significantly better form of the SA 365C Dauphin 2 the main model flying on 31 March 1979. This rendition presented the refreshed 492 kW 660 shp Ariel 1C turbo shafts a retractable tricycle underside extended tail surfaces and changed transmission fundamental rotor pole fairing and motor cowlings. The airplanes starting M.T.O.W. of 3850 kg 8488 lb was later raised to 4000 kg 8819 lb. Conveyances of the creation model started in 1982.
Dauphin AS365 N3
The highperformance AS365 N3 was created for tasks in hot and high atmospheres. The AS365 N3 additionally includes a newgeneration 10blade composite Fenestron antitorque gadget with topsy-turvy cutting edge appropriation offering a further decrease in clamor signature. The AS365 N3s net weight is 4300 kg 9480 lb. Creation conveyances started in December 1998 and this rendition is as of now still underway. A flexible twin motor 11 front seats Helicopter of hearty and solid plan joining the most recent composite innovation and Fenstron tail rotor framework. Undeniably appropriate for offshoreonshore tasks VIP transportation setback clearing and salvage activities.

Ringer 206 L4
A light single motor Helicopter with 5 front seats. This helicopter is most appropriate for chief transportation, the travel industry, observation, photography, and so forth. The Bell 206 is a group of two-bladed, single-or twin-motor helicopters, made by Bell Helicopter. The first 206L used an Allison 250-C20B motor, and a progression of model redesigns supplanted this motor with all the more remarkable renditions; the 206L-1 utilized a 250-C28 and the 206L-3 and 206L-4 utilized the 250-C30P with 490 shaft strength.

Ringer 407
The Bell 407 is a fourbladed single motor common utility helicopter a subsidiary of the Bell 206L3 LongRanger. The 407 uses the fourbladed delicate inplane inflexible rotor with composite center that was produced for the United States Armys OH58D Kiowa Warrior rather than the twobladed semirigid rotor of the 206L3. The Bell 407 is as often as possible utilized for corporate and seaward vehicle as an air emergency vehicle law requirement electronic news social occasion and film making.

Ml 172
The MI172 is a multirole twin motor helicopter with 26 front seats and has a scope of 480 kms. It is appropriate for both seaward and high height tasks. This is a Civil Passenger variant of the Mi helicopters produced at the Kazan plant. The Mil Mi17 is a Russiandesigned helicopter right now underway at two processing plants in Kazan and UlanUde. Created from the essential Mi8 airframe the Mi17 was fitted with the bigger TV3117MT motors rotors and transmission produced for the Mi14 alongside fuselage enhancements for heavier burdens. The assignment Mi17 is for send out. The Mi17 can be perceived in light of the fact that it has the tail rotor on the port side rather than the starboard side and residue shields before the motor admissions. Motor cowls are shorter than on the TV2 fueled Mi8 not stretching out as far over the cockpit and an opening for bleedvalve outlet is available forward of the fumes.

AS 350 B3
The high performance ground-breaking AS350 B3 is intended to do the most requesting missions in the most extraordinary climate and geological conditions from hot to exceptionally high and everything in the middle. Its uncommon lifting power high continuance expanded range and quick journey speed make essentially any occupation looks simple. The AS350 B3 can move to 3000 meters quickly 21 seconds and has more than demonstrated its capacity with a record breaking arriving on Mount Everest.
Terms and Conditions

1. Traveler's are mentioned to report an hour prior to the takeoff.
2. All travelers must convey Government affirmed Photo ID confirmation in unique for confirmation at the hour of Checking/boarding, for International vacationer (Foreigners) visa in unique is required.
3. Youngster under 2 years (babies) will be permitted to travel for nothing out of pocket on giving evidence old enough, over long term age will be charged full toll.
4. Unaccompanied minors age gathering (under 12 years old) and Infants (under 2years old enough) can't travel alone.
5. Stuff Policy: Cabin things remittance for helicopter travel is 10 kg. per traveler (paid ticket)
6. Discount sum strategy: sum will be gotten inside 30 working days from the date of scratch-off.
7. Pawan Hans claims all authority to reschedule/drop or defer its trip under conditions outside its ability to control for instance terrible climate conditions, specialized deformities and government guidelines/orders/necessities and so forth. The risk of Pawan Hans in such occasion will be restricted to full discount of the passage sum.
8. Disallowed things not permitted to convey inside airplane: Lighters , Scissors, weapon/toy weapon, Box Cutters, Ice Axes/Ice Picks, Knives and Razor sharp edges, balls/bats, golf/hockey stick, bows and Arrows, Pool Cues, Ski Poles, Guns and Firearms, Hammers, Drills (counting cordless portables power drills), Saws, Screwdrivers, Tools, wrenches and forceps, Self Defense Items, Explosive Materials, Fireworks, Flares, Fuels (Including cooking fills and any combustible fluid fuel),Gasoline Gas Torches, Lighter Fluid ,Matchsticks, Turpentine and acetone, Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries Disabling Chemicals and different Dangerous Items , Chlorine for Pools and Spas , Compressed Gas Cylinders (counting shoot quenchers), Liquid Bleach, Spillable Batteries Spray Paint, Tear Gas.
9. Pets: For the solace and prosperity of you and your pet, PHL doesn't acknowledge the carriage or pet in the traveler lodge nor freight hold. The hold isn't pressurized like the traveler lodge and is hence extremely boisterous and not atmosphere controlled.
10. PHL Services will be represented by, and understood as per, the laws of India, for any debate or prosecution the courts of Delhi will just have the purview.
11. If there should arise an occurrence of over-burdening of airplane, PHL will reserve the option to choose which traveler will be offloaded and such choice will be official on all travelers.
12. Fluid permitted to be conveyed: 100 ml max. (Liquor not permitted)
13. Advance booking travelers will have need over spot booked travelers.
14. Ticket isn't adaptable.
15. Kindly adhere to the traveler wellbeing preparation directions given at the Airport/Heliport/helipad/helicopter.
16. Hopeful mother with simple single pregnancy might be acknowledged for movement at their own danger, given that there are no earlier entanglements. Wellness to fly authentication from her treating obstetrician is required.
17. In the event of progress in climate conditions, the heap factor conveying limit of the airplane may change. In such case, baggage of the travelers will be sent through street which may get postponed.

18. If there should be an occurrence of bogus things or/and traveler weight Pawan Has restricted stores the rights to offload baggage(s) or/and passenger(s) or charge a punishment for the equivalent.

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